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Founder's Message

Dear Member:

Welcome to the new Kosher Wine Society.

I founded the Kosher Wine Society in December, 2005, with the intention of bringing people together to talk, learn and form new relationships, all in the name of wine! Since then, my personal passion for wine propelled me to transform KWS into the premier source for events, education and information on kosher wine and spirits.

I strive to bring you the very best wine and spirit  events in the New York Tri-State area. KWS events are fun, educational and most importantly, customized for you.

Kosher Wine Society Membership is now closed. Take advantage of some great benefits online benefits of wine education, events and more. 

The Kosher Wine Society takes feedback from our members seriously. If you have any comments or advice for us, please feel free to e-mail me anytime at You can also contact me if you need help navigating the site or have any other questions about KWS. I hope to raise a glass with you at one of our upcoming tasting events. Lechaim!

Aron Ritter
KWS President

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