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Food & Wine Pairing

Pairing food and wine is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of planning a meal. When chosen correctly, both the wine and the food work in harmony to emphasize and accentuate each other in such a manner as to make both more enjoyable and memorable. If chosen incorrectly, however, a wine can mask the subtle flavors of a delicate dish, or more commonly, a meal can overpower the finer notes of a complex wine.

To ensure that Kosher Wine Society members always achieve the full potential of their food and wine combination\'s, KWS has launched our Food-and-Wine-Pairing feature. This feature has been designed to address the many questions wine lovers have concerning food and wine pairing and to help you avert future pairing snafus.  With our new easy-to-use program, you simply click on the type of food you are preparing or the wine you are serving, and we will pair it for you accordingly.  We hope that you find this new feature both a useful and rewarding meal-planning tool.  Be'teavon!

Pair a Wine with Food

Pair a Food with Wine

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