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Kosher Wine is Coming out of the Woodwork

I have been delighted with the number of calls I have received asking for help and support with new Kosher Wines that are being produced from around the globe. Kosher wine is emerging onto the market in full force and with full variety. Within the last two months I have gotten calls, emails and Facebook messages about new authentic kosher wines made in many different countries from Greece, Spain, Chili, and Italy.

These new wines are produced with passion, enthusiasm and excitement by small boutique wineries, each with its own story behind every wine it produces and every bottle it brings to the table. For me, the story of the winery teaches me about the wine, and learning about the wine connects me to the vineyards, the grapes and the land. I would rather drink a wine with an amazing story than a wine that was mass-produced somewhere, with much hype and not much depth.

A new group of Italian wines named Sentieri Ebraici, meaning "Path of the Jews," has just come become available in the United States. It is produced in the Le Marche region of Italy where Jews have been engaged since antiquity in agricultural pursuits, including olive production and wine making.

Each wine in the Sentieri Ebraici collection tells the story of a righteous Jew in history whose deeds left such an imprint on the world that a legacy remains and serves as everlasting inspiration.

Sentieri Ebraici's Del Vecchio Rosso was named in honor of Rabbi Del Vecchio of Urbino and exemplifies the scholarly preparation and pious attention to detail for which Rabbi Del Vecchio was known. It is comprised of 100% Sangiovese, a varietal indigenous to Le Marche. Deep ruby in color and imbued with a rich aroma, this medium-bodied wine possesses a full palate of plum and dried fruits.

Azaria, a type of barrel aged 'Super Marche', a blend of montipulciano and sangiovese, will be released in mid 2009. It is named in honor of Rabbi Menachem Azaria da Fano, a great scholar, teacher and poet. The knowledge and skill that creates this wine has been passed down through many generations, capturing the "spirito dei saggi," the spirit and mystical qualities of this sage. The Azaria blend has a rich aroma and a deep garnet color. This lush, full-bodied wine is accented with the flavors of dark cherries, herbs and oak.

Dona Gracia Vino Bianco carries memories of spirit and revolution. In 1555, Dona Gracia Nasi, for whom this wine is named, organized Jewish merchants in an economic boycott of the port of Ancona, in protest of the Pope's re-enactment of severe laws stemming from the Inquisition and the burning of twenty-five "conversos." This white wine, made from the Trebbiano grape, is characterized by a delicate complexity and strength of character that were the hallmarks of Dona Gracia herself. It imparts a subtle aroma of herbs and fruit and the mouth is light, smooth and balanced.

Sentieri Ebraici's Gioia Vino Spumante is a pleasant, lightly sparkling, dry white wine made by the charmat method from a blend of Chardonnay and Trebbiano grapes. In Italy they say that every meal or celebration begins with a bubble. Among Italian Jews the word "Gioia" is synonymous with simcha. Gioia Vino is aromatic with a slightly citrus taste and a pleasant finish. It performs perfectly as an aperitif or with a main course of fresh or smoked fish, sauteed vegetables or pasta dressed with a light sauce.

All label designs for the Sentieri Ebraic wines were taken from the Katuba of Meir ben Mordechai to Consuela bat David who married in Le Marche in 5507. The Kutuba is part of the collection of the Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art in Jerusalem.

If you would like to get your hands on any of these wines please email for special pricing. These wines are not Mevushal.