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As part of my recent wine tour of Israel I had the priviledge of visiting the Dalton Winery where owner Alex Haurni, David Rhodes and I sat down to taste his new and exciting wines, the ALMA Chardonnay-Viognier and the ALMA Shiraz-Mourvedre-Viognier.

RW Alex at Dalton Winery

I am especially excited that they finally made it to the US and are now available. If you need help finding them, email me   

Here is some information about these two superb wines.

The ALMA Shiraz-Mourvedre-Viognier is a Rhone style blend.  As with the cab blend. the grape varietals were harvested in September and early October, fermented separately and aged for twelve months in year-old French Oak barrels. Then, after blending, the wine was aged in oak for two additional months.
ALMA Shiraz is a medium-bodied wine with a rich silky finish.  It shows rich earthy characteristics of leather and liquorice and underlying floral notes and wild raspberries.  
The suggested serving temperature for this wine is 16-18 degrees Celsius which translates to 61-63 degrees Fahrenheit. 

FOOD PAIRING - This wine goes particularly well with stews such as Osso Bucco and hearty winter casseroles.  ---------------------------------

ALMA Chardonnay-Viognier is brings a new dimension and flavor profile to Israeli wines.

The grapes were picked from separate vineyards in late September and early October and fermented separately. The Viognier was fermented in small barriques using a natural spontaneous fermentation method.  The Chardonnay was cold fermented in stainless steel. At the end of their fermentation processes the wines were blended and allowed to age in barrels for about four months.  The final blend is 60% Viognier and 40% Chardonnay.

ALMA Chardonnay-Viognier is a medium-bodied wine showing fragrance of peach, summer flowers and honey.  The finish is long and soft with a gentle level of acidity.

The suggested serving temperature for this wine is 10-12 degrees Celsius which translates to 50-52 degrees Fahrenheit.

FOOD PAIRING - This wine goes particularly well with rich dairy dishes, fish, onion tart and pasta with cream sauces.

OTHER NOTABLE NEWCOMERS from Dalton Winery include:
ALMA Cab is a Bordeaux style blend
and Dalton Winery Rosé