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December 22, 2010

In 2010 David Rhodes, journalist and California-trained food and wine connoisseur, started a dialogue with Aron Ritter, President of the Kosher Wine Society, an organization dedicated to opening up the American market to the fast-growing range of fine Kosher wines.  They found they shared the same passion and the same mission.  David Rhodes has come aboard with the Kosher Wine Society to head the organization’s new Israeli branch.


The Kosher Wine Society creates kosher wine and spirits tastings, food and wine pairing dinners and wine education classes. It offers membership on its website and publishes a monthly members’ newsletter.


David Rhodes is a well-known wine expert with a long, varied and dedicated background. He holds a Business of Wine Certificate from San Diego State University, has served as advisor to the San Diego State Business of Wine Program and as Consulting Sommelier at Cream Café in San Diego, CA. He founded YAD/UJF Wine Cluster, a wine club based in San Diego.


During a visit to Israel in 2006, David was amazed at the wide range of good, if not great Israeli wines he was able to taste within his brief two-week stay.  He went back to San Diego determined to help promote Israeli wines in the United States and subsequently discovered that Israeli wines were difficult to find in California.  Most of the 7.5 million bottles being exported from Israel to the United States were being sold along the East Coast “megatroplis” from Boston to New York, to Washington D.C., because of the large concentration of Jewish communities there.


While working as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at San Pasqual Winery, David experienced an epiphany.  It came to him that as someone with a background in wine, marketing and journalism, he could best help promote Israeli wine by going to Israel and learning more about Israeli wine at the source.


David moved to Israel in 2008 and, determined to become an expert on Israeli wines, he spent the next two years on a sabbatical of sorts tasting as much wine as he could conceivably taste and talking to as many of the hundreds of winemakers as he could. Along the way he wrote over 100 articles and appeared on TV both locally and internationally.


Now living in Ra’anana, Israel, David writes and produces, the world's only English-language weekly radio show and podcast about Israeli wines. He is a wine writer with ESRA Magazine and  David regularly gives lectures about Israeli and kosher wines to aspiring chefs, tourists, residents of Israel, and even Israeli diplomats. He hosts special wine dinners and organizes tours of Israeli wineries.


David will be now be hosting wine events in Israel under the auspices of the Kosher Wine Society as well as conducting winery tours and wine classes.  His expertise and connections with Israeli wineries will significantly broaden the opportunity for Kosher Wine Society members and guests to learn about and experience the depth and variety of fine Israeli wines.


Kosher Wine Society members can look forward to reading the articles that David will be regularly contributing to the organization’s website and newsletter, and to attending his dynamic wine events.


Aron Ritter


Kosher Wine Society

((646) 484-9463


David Rhodes can be reached at: