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Golan Heights Winery Launches Two New Yarden Merlot Single Vineyard Wines

Golan Heights Winery Launches Two New
Yarden Merlot Single Vineyard Wines
2005 Yarden Merlot Kela Vineyard & 2005 Yarden Merlot Tel Phares Vineyard

Under the banner "Merlot: One Variety, Varied Stories," Golan Heights Winery recently launched two new Yarden single vineyard wines – the 2005 Yarden Merlot Kela Vineyard and the 2005 Yarden Merlot Tel Phares Vineyard.

This marks the first time ever that the Winery has released single vineyard wines made from fruit originating from the Kela and Tel Phares vineyards, respectively located in the northern and central Golan – a region that has consistently produced exceptional Merlot over the past two decades. These wine express the essence of the Winery's philosophy and creativity in learning and realizing the full potential of the unique terroir of the Golan Heights – Israel's wine country.

"As the premier Israeli winery, Golan Heights Winery is dedicated to producing quality wines of international caliber," said Anat Levi, CEO of Golan Heights Winery. "These two new single vineyard Merlots, produced for the first time ever from the Kela and Tel Phares vineyards, exhibit rare qualities and provide yet another exciting expression of our ongoing creativity."

"Golan Heights Winery continues to lead the way in changing wine perceptions of the Israeli consumer, and we are proud to release new single vineyard wines that add a new layer to the development of Israel's wine culture," added Levi. "Each of these wines tells a unique story of place and people, bringing forth the local fragrances and characteristics of particular vineyards. The Golan, Israel's wine country, is an eternal story of diverse vistas, altitudes, temperatures and soils. All of these, combined with the local growers who provide additional 'spice' to the creative process, come together to craft a unique story for each wine. I invite wine consumers to travel the breadth of the Golan, to be exposed to its varied panoramas, vineyards and growers, and to feel the changes experienced in a simple drive from the southern to northern Golan."

"Yarden Merlot Kela Vineyard and Yarden Merlot Tel Phares Vineyard were released after a long process involving the development of unique technological methods and careful attention to detail in each vineyard," said Victor Schoenfeld, Head Winemaker of Golan Heights Winery. "This approach enabled us to realize the full potential of the Golan's terroir when making these powerful and attractive wines, both of which will continue to improve in the bottle in the years to come."

These two new wines join the ever-growing list of Yarden single vineyard wines launched by the Winery:
  • Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon El Rom Vineyard 2001, 2003, 2004
  • Yarden Merlot Ortal Vineyard 2001, 2004
  • Yarden Syrah Ortal Vineyard 2004
  • Yarden Chardonnay Odem Organic Vineyard 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006