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Castel ascends to Four Stars...

Marking the Jewish New Year, Israeli wines have come of age •
Ynet reports that for the first time ever, that Domaine du Castel has been awarded the coveted four star awards.

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2008 has been published and it contains good news for Israel. For the first time ever, two Israeli wineries, Domaine du Castel and Yarden (Golan Heights Winery), have been awarded the coveted four stars. Apart from Chateau Musar from Lebanon, no other Eastern Mediterranean winery has received four stars, which are awarded only to the finest wineries in the world. According to the book, the four stars are awarded for a wine or winery that is “grand, prestigious and expensive.”

Furthermore Yatir and Carmel merited three stars for their best wines: Three stars are awarded to wines regarded as “well known and highly reputed.” This reflects great credit on the new quality of Israeli wines and the strength in depth.

Thanks to an upswing in recognition for the Grand Vin and "C" Chardonnay, Castel is attracting greater awareness and continuous praise from critics and consumers, alike.

Yatir and Carmel (who distribute the Yatir label) have proven in recent years that they have every capability to excel in winemaking, producing a new and special breed of fine wines.

Congratulations to Castel, Carmel and Yatir wineries, who have just raised the bar in the pursuit of wine perfection.


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