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Kosher Recipes

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12/02/2009 Rutabaga Latkes with Ginger and Pear Compote
07/14/2009 Braised Chestnuts, Fennel, Leeks, and Golden Raisins
11/30/-0001 Jerusalem Artichoke Pancakes
11/30/-0001 Potato and Mushroom Pirogi
11/30/-0001 Shoulder of Lamb Braised in Red Wine
11/30/-0001 Chicken Cacciatore
11/30/-0001 Traditional Ashkenazic Brisket
11/30/-0001 Chipotle Beef Goulash
11/30/-0001 Italian Confetti Pasta Salad
11/30/-0001 Apple Mint Salad
11/30/-0001 Hazelnut, Sage and Chestnut Stuffing
11/30/-0001 Classic Potato Latkas
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