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Sake Tasting event!

Thursday, May 10th 7:30 am - 9:30 am

Come taste and learn about Sake with Takashi Akutsu at this first of it's kind sake event!

At this first of its kind event we will be taste up to 7 different varieties of Sake and enjoy amazing Sushi from Prime Grill one of NYC Premium Restaurants.

Sake is the traditional rice WINE of Japan. It comes in several different varieties, and was first made at least 2,000 years ago. There are many different varieties of sake, which are classified based on whether or not alcohol has to be added after the initial rice fermentation, and exactly how much rice is milled prior to sake brewing. Sake can be served either warmed or chilled. Traditionally, sake was served warm because the heat helped bring out a sweeter flavor. This is due the brewing practices at the time that involved fermenting sake mash in cedar vats. The wooden containers produced a cruder, less refined taste than modern brewing techniques, and the heat helped mask this less refined flavor. Many modern-day brands of sake have a more elegant, fruitful flavor to them, and these should be chilled to bring out these lighter tastes.

Do to the nature of this event there is a limited number of seats. Please reserve your seat today!

Thursday, May 10th
7:30 am - 9:30 am

131 west 86th street
Jewish Center
New York, 10024
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