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A Night of Wine and Art with Gil Shatsberg chief winemaker of Recanati Winery and Artist Igal Fedida

Wednesday, Jan 23rd 7:30 am - 9:30 am

Join us for an intimate evening as we taste wines with Gil Shatsberg the Chief winemaker for Recanati Winery as he visits the US for only 3 days! Explore one of a kind art at the new Igal Fedida Gallery.

The Kosher Wine Society 2nd event was with Recanati Winery in 2006 and we are happy to bring them back as we blend our beginning with the beginning of the Igal Fedida Gallery in NYC. 

The blend of Wine and Art is extremely limited.

Amazing Cheeses by The Cheese Guy
Desserts by World of Chantilly

Wine list will include:
Recanati Shiraz 2011
Recanati Rose 2011
Reserve Merlot 2009
Reserve Petit Syrah/ Zinfandel 2010
Reserve Syrah/ Viognier 2010
Reserve Wild Carignan
Special Reserve Red 2007
Special Reserve White 2010

Gils Profile,

Gil Shatsberg heads winemaking and vineyard management at Recanati winery, one of Israel’s top five wine producers and an
international standard bearer for fine quality Israeli wines. Shatsberg’s credentials include managing and making wine for seven years at the critically acclaimed Amphorae Vineyard. In early 2008, Shatsberg took over from former Recanati winemaker Lewis Pasco, who left to pursue new career

Established in 2000 by Lenny Recanati, a prominent Israeli financier and wine collector, the Recanati winery in Israel’s Hefer Valley in Upper Galilee obtains fruit from some of the area’s finest high-altitude vineyards. In less than eight years, Recanati wines have developed a following that extends far beyond Israel, and can be found on wine lists and in stores in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Shatsberg is a seminal figure in the modern-day Israeli wine industry. On completion of four years’ military service with an elite unit of the Israeli Air Force, he transferred to the U.S. to study Viticulture & Enology at U.C. Davis, graduating with honors in 1993. For the next couple of years he worked as assistant winemaker at the Jordan sparkling  winery in Healdsburg, CA, before relocating to Israel in late 1994 to take up the position of winemaker at Carmel where he spent six years before joining Amphorae.

Born and raised in the Kibbutz Tzora near Jerusalem, Shatsberg knew from an early  age that his calling lay in agriculture. The multi-disciplinary demands of winemaking held particular appeal. “Israel is blessed with exceptional growing conditions, ideal for producing top-flight wines,” he says. “Though the Israeli wine industry is still young, I believe it’s just a matter of time before our wines share the same levels of international awareness and respect and enjoyed by other top wine regions worldwide.”

At Recanati, Shatsberg aims to create wines that project the authenticity and the very best attributes of Israeli terroir. “It’s not my objective to create wines that imitate those from elsewhere in the world. Instead, I strive to make wines that remain true to the land they  come from, wines that also offer an ideal match for Israeli’s amazingly rich and diverse  culinary heritage, extending from Europe, to the Middle East and North Africa.”

Igal Fedida's Bio

Born and raised in Israel, moved to the United States at an early age to pursue a successful business career in construction, design and remodeling. Being of curious and deeply spiritual nature, however, he decided to take some time to get to know the World and he traveled to many distant and unusual pockets of our home planet. He enjoyed drawing, sketching and design since an early age and he discovered the love for photography during his travels, capturing images of nature and people alike.

Returning to Los Angeles, he enrolled in intensive photography study program at the UCLA. Exploring the world of photography, his need for expression drove him to develop a unique form where he combined Polaroid photographs with water color in order to deepen the effect of the image. In doing so he discovered that his need to express the nature and the World that surrounds us far surpasses the limited potential of photography. Subsequently, as if an invisible hand pointed a direction, the magic door opened and he was pulled into the world of painting.

Completely self taught, over the time he developed his own fascinating style of contrasting images. His black and white collection clearly expresses his inner search of balance between order and chaos, good and evil and evermore constant yin and yang presence in life. On the opposite to this sharp collection stand abstracts filled with mesmerizing colors inspired by nature and God alike. Some of his paintings carry deep meanings about the creation and the world from 'big bang" and Adam and Eve to modern day socialites while others are visually hypnotizing, energy filled abstracts of strikingly vivacious colors.

Please Visit for more info.

Wednesday, Jan 23rd
7:30 am - 9:30 am

The Igal Fedida Gallery
1482 1st Avenue between 77 and 78
New York, 10021
[Get Directions]

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