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Vertical Tasting with Jurgen Wagner, Winemaker of Capçanes

Tuesday, Mar 2nd 7:30 am - 9:30 am

The Kosher Wine Society is proud to host Jurgen Wagner, winemaker at “Cellar de Capçanes and creator of Peraj Ha'Abib, Spain’s very first kosher wine.


TASTE THE 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 of the Peraj Ha'abib
TASTE THE 06, 07 of the Peraj Peteita

Join the Kosher Wine Society and Jurgen Wagner at this sit down wine tasting event from Spain. Enjoy foods with a Spanish flair from “Pomegranate,” Brooklyn’s exciting new Kosher gourmet food market.

Peraj Ha' Abib enjoys a reputation among the highest in the world. Robert Parker, the guru of sophisticated wines, scored it 90 points and described it as "one of the finest kosher wines I have ever tasted."

A long story leads to the creation of Peraj Ha'Abib.  In 1933 five Spanish Catholic families in the elevated but deserted Catalan mountain region of Montsant created a cooperative that began processing local grapes and selling bulk wine under the name Capçanes.

By 1991 Capçanes were no longer making wine but were selling their grapes to a large conglomerate. To stay busy, winemaker Angel Teixada decided to create 5,000 bottles of his own Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1995 members of Barcelona's Jewish community came across Teixada’s wine and approached the co-op saying that if they would produce it as a kosher wine under rabbinical supervision they would buy the entire output. Despite the enormous investment the cooperative agreed. They began producing wine under controlled “Lo Mebushal” conditions and became the very first winery in Spain to follow the traditional Orthodox rules. The resulting wine provided fame and financial security.

Capçanes is under the careful control of Angel Teixida, head winemaker and in charge of the vinyard, viticulturist; Francesc Perello, coordinator of both bottling and tasting and Jurgen Wagner, master blender and export manager.

Join us on March 2nd in the Penthouse of the Roger Smith Hotel as we celebrate the triumph of Peraj Ha'Abib in a vertical wine tasting with a Spanish flair!! Jurgen Wagner will be there to speak about winemaking in the mountains of Spain, and to enhance the theme, and the wine, enjoy foods with a Spanish flair from “Pomegranate,” Brooklyn’s exciting new Kosher gourmet food market.

Sponsored by Cellar de Capçanes, Royal Wines, and Pomegranate Supermarket.

Price $45.00. 

Tuesday, Mar 2nd
7:30 am - 9:30 am

The Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Ave, Penthouse
New York, 10017
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